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Our mission is to ensure that seniors and others in need of services, living in Toronto and surrounding areas, enjoy a high quality of life in their communities. We strive to maximize their well-being through a range of social, health care, and supportive services planned and delivered through an integrated model of care. We will ensure that a comprehensive range of services are delivered by an effective team of professionals and volunteers.

We will achieve the above mission by:

    • Delivering client-centered services that reflect an integrated model of care.
    • Providing top quality & culturally relevant social, health care, & support services to our clients.
    • Ensuring a professional and caring attitude in all our client relationships.
    • Achieving optimal wellness levels in our clients by encouraging them to participate as actively as possible in their communities.
    • Promoting in the broader community an awareness of our clients' needs for social, health care & support services.
    • Advocating to government, voluntary and private sectors on issues relating to policies and programs that affect our clients.



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