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Chinese Bereavement Services

The program specializes in offering professional and supportive services to bereaved individuals and families residing in Toronto and York region. This program particularly addresses the emotional needs and social support of individuals and families during the transition in life, the grieving process and is offered in a culturally sensitive environment.
·        Community Education Seminars and Workshops (on death and dying, community resources, how to deal with grief and loss, funeral service, will arrangement and many more )
·        Individual and Family Counselling for bereaved individuals and families (assessment and supportive counselling)
·        Service Navigation (linkage to sources of financial assistance, advance care planning, legal support)
·        Mutual Support Bereavement Group (a closed-membership groups of 4-10 individuals
-         Spousal loss
-         Parents with adult child loss
-         Infant /Child loss
·        Hospices Visiting and Training (Dedicated trained volunteers working one-on-one either by phone or in person, provide training to individuals to examine their own life values, active listening techniques, and related community resources)
·        Survivor Network (A self-help platform to provide sharing moments and continual support to the ex-participants of the bereavement group)       
Bereavement Series Articles
Information & Enquiry
·           Tel: 416–502–2323            
Fax: 416–502–2382   
·           info@carefirstseniors.com





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