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Articles / Links

1. Carefirst Presentation

INTEGRATE™ -- How One Community is Advancing Integrated Care for Seniors

Carefirst Integrate Model

2. Research Study

HSF Needs Assessment Final Report - Oct 2012

Journey to Recovery of Chinese Ontarians Living with Heart Disease or Stroke – Exploring Barriers and Service Gaps 2012

3. Season Flu

Get Your Flu Shot!
(Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

4. Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene 10-min Learning Movie
Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge

5. Cough Etiquette

"Cover Your Cough"
(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)

6. Falls Prevention

Quick Time-Up-and-Go (TUG) Test for Fall Risk
(Geriatric Interprofessional Interorganizational Collaboration)

Falls General Information
(Geriatric Interprofessional Interorganizational Collaboration)

Decrease Your Fall Risk Tip Sheet
(Geriatric Interprofessional Interorganizational Collaboration)

CPA Guide to Prevent Falls in the Seniors
(Canadian Physiotherapy Association)

Walking Aids Tip Sheet  
(Canadian Physiotherapy Association)

Home Support Exercise Program
(Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging)
-- coming soon

You Can Prevent Falls!
(Public Health Agency of Canada)

10 Steps to prevent a fall
Carefirst/Phillips Lifeline)

7. Elderly Rights

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)

Ontario Seniors' Secretariat

Senior Driver Group Education
(Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

A Guide to Advance Care Planning

8. Support for Caregivers

Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange Resources Centre

The Care Guide

Resources for Alzheimer Care

Regional Geriatric Network’s Resources for Caregivers

Toronto Dementia Network

Community Legal Education Ontario

Aging and Seniors Publications
(Public Health Agency of Canada)

A Checklist for Healthy Caregiving
(Geriatric Interprofessional Interorganizational Collaboration)

9. Other Infectious Diseases

MRSA General Information

10. Service Agreement

a) 2014-2017 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (Central East Local Health Integration Network)

   a1) M-SAA 2015-16 Refresh (Central East Local Health Integration Network)

   a2) M-SAA 2016-17 Refresh (Central East Local Health Integration Network)

b) 2014-2017 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (Central Local Health Integration Network)

   b1) M-SAA 2016-17 Refresh (Central Local Health Integration Network)

c) 2014-2017 Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network)

   c1) M-SAA 2016-17 Refresh (Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network)

 11. Guide to FLHS

Guide to Requirements and Obligations Relating to French Language Health Services

Guide des exigences et obligations concernant les services de santé en français


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