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Mandate Statement

Carefirst Vocational Training Centre recognizes that Personal Support Workers are valuable members of the health care profession. Their contribution increases individual capacity for independent living in both community and institutional settings. Our aim is to educate all our students regarding quality care to clients of all ages, as well as to maintain productive relationships with our service partners and service providers.

Personal Support Worker Certificate Program
see pdf flyer)
*Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
*Accredited under
OCSA's PSW Education Program Accreditation (http://www.pswepa.ca/)

Highlights of our full-time program:

  • 25 weeks (including theory and practicum)
  • Experienced and qualified instructors (the teaching team includes an RN, an RPN, a teacher specialized in adult education, and a physiotherapist)
  • Small classes with a maximum of 20 students
  • Arranged placement opportunities for students

Start dates:

  • April (Spring term)
  • September (Fall term)

Learn more about Carefirst's Personal Support Worker Certificate Program: PSW program

For more information, please contact Karen:
Tel: (416) 847-2767 or Email: training@carefirstseniors.com

FAQ: The Myth of the PSW Provincial Exam

There is a myth that PSWs have a final Ontario Exam, or more commonly, have been told by National Association of Career Colleges that the NACC exam is the provincial exam.
Both are false.

The Personal Support Education Accreditation Programme (PEPA) has received several complaints with regards to a PSW's entry to practice. Many of these issues have centred on a belief that Ontario has a "provincial PSW exam" that graduates must pass before they are eligible for employment.

While there are restrictions on the standards to which a school must teach, Ontario does NOT require graduates to complete a provincial examination prior to working as a PSW.

There are four educational institutes legitimately provide PSW education in Ontario:

  • School boards, under Continuing/Adult Education Divisions
  • Community Colleges
  • Private Career Colleges (authorized by the province)
  • Association-based educators (third-party not-for-profit programmes)

These four educational institutes must adhere to minimum programme length and to one of 3 sets of standards if their graduates are to be eligible for employment as a PSW in long-term care home. Note that the province does not mandate any "end of programme" examination for graduates.

Schools using the National Association of Career Colleges curriculum have the option of writing an end of programme exam. This examination is NOT a provincial requirement for employment, nor should it be considered a replacement for a PSW's successful completion of a PSW programme. Similarly, completion of any end of programme examination is not a requirement for inclusion on the PSW Registry.

The PSW's successful completion of an approved PSW programme is the employer's assurance of eligibility for employment.

If you have questions about this, please contact Lynelle Hamilton, Director of PEPA at: (416) 256-3010 ext. 279 or (1800) 267-6272 ext. 279 or by email at lynelle@pswepa.ca.

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