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Quality Culture

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Carefirst is an organization accredited by
Accreditation Canada since 2004. Achieving accreditation recognizes that Carefirst meets the national standards of excellence in client service delivery.  

Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association is committed to fulfilling our mission in meeting the diverse, changing needs of our clients and communities and to ensure the continuous improvement of our service quality, people safety, worklife culture, as well as our accountability and credibility to the community.  Carefirst is determined and committed to become a lead quality-driven organization.  

The Integrated Framework: Total Quality Management

Carefirst has adopted since 2001 the Total Quality Management (TQM) as a clearly defined framework to cultivate an integrated system of continuous quality improvement across all levels of the organization.  
Carefirst’s integrated quality management framework contains the following interrelated components:

  • Total Quality Management Work Plan
  • Health and Safety Program for Staff and Volunteers
  • Client Service Quality and Safety Program (Including: The Client Safety and Risk Management Plan)

TQM Principles at Carefirst

Carefirst implements the Total Quality Management (TQM) framework by adhering to the following principles:

  • Integrated, client/family-centred service delivery.
  • Culture of quality: Total Involvement.
  • Continuous quality improvement.
  • Staff development for professional competence.
  • Evidence-based and best practices.
Infrastructure for Continuous Quality Improvement

Carefirst has established and maintained the necessary infrastructure to cultivate its quality culture, by establishing the framework, tools, and allocating necessary resources for implementation, for instance:

  • Strategic goals to improve quality
  • Designated task forces: The Service Quality and Safety Committee (SQSC) and Local SQSCs
  • Performance measurement: Program evaluation and critical event review
  • Two-way, circular communication loop throughout the organization
  • Commitment to accreditation (Please click here for more details) 

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