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Commitment to Accreditation

Since 2004, Carefirst undertakes and is committed to achieve accreditation by Accreditation Canada (formerly The Canadian Council on Health Services – CCHSA).  Participation and commitment to accreditation continues to guide Carefirst in:

  • Learning and improving, especially in the area of people safety and worklife culture
  • Assessing the quality of agency services and programs using accreditation standards
  • Increasing coordination, efficiency and efficacy of the organization
  • Building the accountability and credibility of the organization

Carefirst has successfully achieved four rounds of three-year accreditation, in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013 respectively.  Carefirst is proud in accomplishing an astounding result achieving full accreditation by Accreditation Canada in 2010. Achieving accreditation recognizes that Carefirst meets the national standards of excellence in client service delivery. 

Carefirst is geared up to participate in a new round of accreditation in June 2017 by Accreditation Canada. 

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